Worlds of Wonder

By Richard Hallberg

In his first book, Worlds of Wonder (Rizzoli), Richard Hallberg showcases many of the exceptional spaces that embody his work. Creating homes that span seaside, mountaintop, country, and urban locales, Worlds of Wonder celebrates the elevated and boundary-defying aesthetic that he is known for.


“You have to know the rules in order to break them.”


“Swirling everywhere around me were things of beauty that you’d expect to find on a museum shelf but were just as often uncovered in a junk shop corner (he is an unparalleled “picker,” putting even me, a devoted treasure hunter, to shame)—all done without a whiff of pretension.”

Dara Caponigra

“The California-based decorator flawlessly mixes materials and objets d’art to produce spaces that ooze with comfort and beauty.”