Richard Hallberg is an award-winning Los Angeles-based interior designer known for creating sophisticated spaces that are artfully designed with a curious spirit.

A native Californian born into the world of design, he has been honing his craft throughout his storied career, finding inspiration in everything from the natural world to the classic shapes of centuries past. Known for designing homes spanning style and destination, his unique embrace of the interplay between client identity and innovative creation gives way to distinct yet lived-in spaces.

In the mid-eighties, he came to partner with Barbara Wiseley and Dan Cuevas, both hugely influential in his early career, to launch the furnishings line Formations and later to purchase and evolve the famed interiors destination, Dennis and Leen. Today, as Design Director and President for both brands, he continues to partner with dozens of artisans and craftspeople from around the world to relentlessly pursue his creative crusade for timeless elegance.

Through every design-driven endeavor, Richard’s layered approach and multi-dimensional point of view have cemented him as the purveyor of an aesthetic that is effortless, sophisticated, timeless, and unexpected.

Photograph by Claire Barker